Monday, May 4, 2015

The 11 Most Beautiful Vaginas On The Planet

“There are no words that come close to describing these powerful images. They will symbolize something different for every person who sees them. So I guess you’ll just have to see them for yourself!

Mother Nature is incredible, unbelievable, artistic, sensual and oh .. so damn sexual.
When you feel yourself judging your body, or doubting your beauty, don’t turn to TV, magazines, or people for advice. Instead, take a look at Mother Nature and check out these amazing pussies.

#1 The Flower Vagina {Vulva}

flowers3Artist: Unknown

#2 The Earth Vagina {Vulva}

caves2Artist: Unknown

#4 The Flower Vagina {Vulva}

flowers2Artist: Hermann Foesterling

#5 The Ancient Stone Vagina {Vulva}

cuevasArtist: Unknown

#6 The Flower Vagina {Vulva}

pussy Artist: Hermann Foesterling

#7 The Ancient Vagina {Vulva}

cuevasArtist: Unknown

#8 The Ice Vagina {Vulva}

iceArtist: Unknown

#9 The Microscopic Vagina {Vulva}

celulasArtist: Unknown

#10 The Flower Vagina {Vulva}

 Artist: Hermann Foesterling

#11 My Absolute Favorite {.. the squirting pussy :)}

So many shapes, colors, and contours – we are all part of the same playful and mysterious substance of life!
I vow to start to truly see the human body, and view it in much the same way we observe nature: appreciating it as perfection, so-called “flaws” and all.
Tell me: What is your favorite picture? What comes the closest to the real pussy for you?
Note: In this article we used the word vagina to refer to the intimate area of a woman, since this word is commonly used to refer to the whole female genitalia. The correct anatomical term though for the outer part of the intimate area of a women is vulva.
Some of the photographers of the pictures are yet to be figured out. If you know them please contact us so that we can credit them properly.


  1. I trie to make a sculpture of my character who is a gorgeous child like womab.... and she is an intimate and affectionate personality who symbolizes a subtlety feminine sexual woman. And as I tried to look for the purrrfect pussy all images that came were terrifying with its subjective fixation not truly recognizung it as an object of beauty. And I remember now that because of that their "sex" is terrifying. But then I went to nature *sighs*, my love for nature and for women and men in their pure essence came back. Though I will never look at vaginas and penises the same way. NEVER SEARCH FOR THEM AS THEMSELVES!!!*WARNING: IT IS TERRIFYING* thank you for the lovely images I have gotten my source of inspiration

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