Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Transforming the Psyche

If you are someone paid to deliver transformation for clients, you have probably experienced frustration when you observe your well-intentioned efforts blocked by “something” in the client that is not on board with the change that they have hired you to facilitate. 
It’s frustrating for you… and for the client. 
But what if you had a method for “getting underneath” the resistance of your client’s psyche and even turning the resistance into an ally? 
What if you had a method that could establish a whole new way for your clients to relate to the different parts of themselves that are out of alignment with the transformation they really want
Well, on Wednesday February 4, we will offer a profoundly helpful set of insights to do just that during a free virtual event: Transforming the Psyche: 4 Keys to Working Effectively with Your Clients' Internal Parts.

Reserve your free space here: http://bit.ly/transformingpsyche
We will be sharing a powerful process that is based on the inner harmonization of the psyche’s disparate voices and turning apparent “foes,” like the inner critic, into allies. 
During this call, you’ll:
  • Begin to recognize and act from the knowledge that each part of the psyche contains gifts that can be given in the service of healing, growth and fulfilling one’s higher purpose.
  • See how to develop skills in mentoring these inner parts and bring them together as a coherent and empowered personal team.
  • Expand your ability to work with the natural protector parts of your client’s psyche so that you are not fighting with them but are instead aligning with their goals.
If you’re ready to help your clients bring more of their life force, insights and skills into fulfilling their highest vision for their life, I recommend this free session!  http://bit.ly/transformingpsyche
Celestial Light

PS - This call will be recorded and everyone who registers will receive the recording. Don’t miss your chance to experience Tim Kelley as he introduces you to the vast transformative power available through Voice Dialogue work... with benefits for your clients lives and your own. 
Learn more and get your free pass here: http://bit.ly/transformingpsyche

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